Currently, adoption is about people shopping for the dog they want, instead of the dog that’s right for them. This disconnect leads to 1 in 5 animals being returned to shelters because they aren’t a good match for their new family.

The challenge to us was to enable shelters to effortlessly find the right humans for their dogs, and facilitate a smooth adoption process leading to permanent ownership.

The aim was to create the most powerful yet intuitive shelter management system in the world to make it as easy as possible for shelters to look after as many dogs as possible. Then get them homes by identifying adopters more likely to be the forever match for their dogs.

MyHooman is the first end-to-end shelter platform that flips how dog adoption works. Instead of helping humans find dogs, it helps dogs find the right human.

We call it ‘Cuddly Tech’. Cuddly design captures the joy dogs bring to the world and Tech is the functional technology and data which ensures more dogs find forever humans.

Working with our teams from strategy, creative, and UX I developed the brand's design system and component library while working to dog-centric design principles. Connecting animal to human drove every design choice. Bold type, fun illustration, cute animation and tone of voice form a highly empathetic system designed to combat compassion fatigue and entertain adopters. Micro-interactions and transitions provide feedback to the user on taps and gestures giving them a sense of direct interaction.


4 weeks into MVP, 55% of animal shelters had signed up, 590 profiles were viewed 33,922 times and 10 adoptions were processed.